Kevin Messner

Kevin Lee Messner was raised in a small midwestern town (Hutchinson, MN) by parents who taught him to always do what was right…even if it hurt. In a small town, that turned out to be great advice. No matter what Kevin did, good or bad, his parents seemed to hear about it before he got home!

As an adult, Kevin saw many times the value in everything his parents taught him and that small town life reinforced. He has also learned a couple of other things that have become part of the foundation of his business and personal life. One of those is the value of honest communication. Kevin has seen too many examples where the communication was lacking and the effects were harmful. Communication that is not honest and delivered in a timely fashion, with compassion, will usually cost someone something.

Kevin’s desire is to help people get from where they are to where they want or need to be. That desire has allowed him to help people through church activities, mentoring, leading teams, teaching leadership, and bible studies. Helping people improve their current position in life keeps Kevin focused on what is important to the client and to help them attain their goals.